I read an article within the past month where the journalist was interviewing highway Ricky Ross the convicted drug trafficker in regards to Rick Ross the rapper and how he was amazed that Ross denied being a correctional officer and lies about being a drug dealer. I thought about this for a long time after I read the article and its occurred to me that this day in age its a reflection of us as people and what we stand for culturally when a man will go out of his way to lie about holding a job where you have decent pay and benefits to provide for your family and lie about being a drug dealer, what kind of culture are we as people promoting to our fellow man? What this equation translates to is record sales clearly because Ross is no idiot, kids these days want to be the guy with fast cash and the next best car, phone etc... no time to invest in a trade or talent or even art. I thought this spoke volumes of where we are at as people and its not my job to change it thats OUR job as human beings and fans of a culture that was born out of revolution. Each one teach one, be good to each other.