Feature verse from the song I did with upgrade off of the dutches and coffee mixtape

My mind is a cantankerous tank of contagions

A line with an anchor that sank and it ain't raisin' 

God bless those who ain't aligned with the flag that I'm  wavin' 

A finite line that stops at a culture I was raised in

An outbreak from an outlet  watch hipsters turn walker

No Texas ranger beware of the wind talker

You got a back pack full of shake wights i'm snatching grilles and  nameplates

Rick whispers upgrade// hip hop is our namesake 

I got a hunger for another rapper and the only cure is his death 

I got a number of em under covers and the phoneys won't step

 feel your meat tear loose when I put my tooth in

 In Jordan's  verse Ewing no feet I'd be a shoein

In such a nuisance  suck my dick and sketch a blueprint

Addicted to raps chase dragons storm born 

Evicted from elm chase Jason with a shoe horn

 one of the best you never hearda' that's word to everything !

That's why rappers wanna touch us and bitches send us rings